$100,000 guaranteed in huge TopBetta tournament


The Blue Diamond Stakes will be held this Saturday in Melbourne and TopBetta will be incorporating the race meet along with metro races from Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne to create one of their biggest ever tournaments.

The buy-in is just $200 and it could see you walk away with up to $50,000 as TopBetta have guaranteed the prize pool at $100,000 whilst first place is guaranteed at $50,000!

The best part about these tournaments is that you don’t need to be a genius at racing to take part as the structure allows for different strategies to be utilised.

Each participant will start with $10,000 BettaBucks and you use these to place bets on each race throughout the day in an attempt to rise up the leader boards and end the day in a position that would see you earn a cash prize.

An example of a couple of different strategies includes grinding your BettaBucks by placing multiple smaller bets on each race in an attempt to slowly build your bankroll – this strategy is used with low risk and low reward.

However, possibly the best way to find yourself at the top of the leader board is to load your entire amount onto the race you are most confident with and if your bet is successful you will earn a lot more than if you placed a couple of smaller bets.

To ensure you are using the appropriate strategy throughout the day, there is a leader board that can be viewed by each competitor and it is updated at the conclusion of every race.

You will be able to see where you are ranked, how many BettaBucks each person has and you can adjust your betting size accordingly.

The leader board contributes heavily to the excitement and decision making as the top players need to decide whether they want to sit on their money or continue to make bets whilst the participants lower down the ranks will be looking to risk it all on big odds to make a big jump up the placings.

To enter the Blue Diamond Stakes tournament, sign up with TopBetta and you could find yourself $50,000 richer!

To learn more about tournaments at TopBetta, check out the video below of a past winner of the Tournament of the Year.

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