Access your cash instantly with the Sportsbet Cash Card

Sportsbet Cash Card

One of the biggest hesitations for those who are new to the world of online sports betting is the unfamiliarity with digital currency. There’s no better feeling than having that winning ticket in your hand, going up to the cashier at the TAB and collecting the cold, hard cash! That’s cash that you can use for a night of celebrating!

Seeing a number on a screen just doesn’t have the same feeling for a lot of casual punters, and then jumping through hoops, usually with a couple of days delay to withdraw your money can be rather frustrating.

Well, Sportsbet have the perfect compromise for you!

Sportsbet are giving you the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the best odds and fantastic promotions from betting sports online, and also get that cash immediately in your hands to shout the bar!

Introducing the Sportsbet Cash Card

The Sportsbet Cash Card allows punters to access their online account through any ATM or EFTPOS terminal anywhere in Australia.

Just transfer funds from your Sportsbet account to the card, either online or through the Sportsbet mobile app, and then you can access your cash instantly from your nearest ATM. Easy as that!

“Our 1.8 million customers love the superior value for money and better range of betting markets they get from Sportsbet – but many of them still love the feel of real cash in their hand – now they can have the best of both worlds,” CEO Cormac Barry said in a recent statement.

“Sportsbet customers can transfer winnings onto their Sportsbet Cash Card via our mobile and tablet betting apps and not just via desktop,” Barry added.

To get yourself setup with a Sportsbet Cash Card, just login and request a card be issued in your account area.
New customers can also take advantage of Sportsbet’s $250 Welcome Bonus and enjoy the largest range of betting markets and the best promotions in Australia.

Click here to create a new Sportsbet account or for more information, check out the Sportsbet Review page.

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