Picking The 2017 AFL Season Premiers: Who Is This Season’s Best Bet?

Western Bulldogs PremiersIn 2016, the Western Bulldogs won an unexpected fairytale premiership in inspiring fashion. For a team that finished outside of the top four at the end of the home and away season, they achieved something only a handful of teams in AFL history have been able to achieve – to win a Premiership finishing outside the top four.

And they did it during trying circumstances. They came up against Hawthorn in the semi-final, a team that had won the previous three premierships, and defeated them. Perhaps more miraculous than that was when they then beat the GWS Giants away during a cutthroat preliminary final by less than one goal.

They finished it off a week later by defeating the heavy favourites Sydney Swans in the Grand Final to claim one of the most amazing premierships ever seen in AFL history.

This season, however, they are languishing just outside the top eight and it remains to be seen if they can possibly repeat last season’s fairytale.

So who is the best bet for this season’s AFL premiership? It’s anyone’s guess but these four teams are probably the most likely based on what we have seen so far this season. If you want to place a great bet on a team to win the flag then take a look at the best Australian sportsbetting sites and see what teams are offering the best odds.

Adelaide Crows

For large periods of this season, Adelaide has been touted as favourites. With a great attacking flair and aggressive game plan, they have defeated many of their opponents by big margins. However, question marks linger over their midfield’s ability to compete when things get tight in games.

There is no doubt their offensive game is brilliant but can their defensive game stand the heat of finals football in September? They are a good bet but be cautious.

Geelong Cats

Geelong has been a great team for the last decade now. They continue to win big games and put in strong performances. They have a well-balanced team overall but no doubt, their biggest strength is their midfield with Joel Selwood and Patrick Dangerfield being two of the best midfielders in the competition.

Don’t be surprised if they at least make the Grand Final this year.

GWS Giants

Without a doubt, this is the most talented team on paper. Super aggressive, quick and highly-skilled. They were so close to making the Grand Final last year but this year, it seems as if they are just that little bit more aggressive than last year. The only question mark that remains is whether or not this team of young players can handle the heat of finals football against more experienced finals opponents.

Given what they faced last season, they’re probably up for the challenge of finals football. They are a great bet to at least go one better than last year and make the Grand Final. If they make it then who knows, they certainly have the talent to win the premiership.

Port Adelaide

Port Adelaide is an outside chance this season. There is no denying they have a list full of great talent and a nice combination of youth and experience to make it to a Grand Final. However, the biggest issue with Port Adelaide is that they haven’t beaten any other side in the top four. And for this reason, it’s probably unlikely they will make the Grand Final.

Although, they could be a great bet to win the premiership because, in AFL, anything can happen so don’t rule them out completely.

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