Sports Bonus vs Casino Bonus: Which Is Better?

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Sports Bonus Vs. Casino Bonus: Which Is Better?

When you join an Australian sportsbook, you often have the option to take advantage of a number of promotional opportunities and bonus offers, and this is often the case with online casinos as well. But what is the difference between a casino bonus and a sports bonus? Which is better? We examine the differences and potential of two seemingly identical bonuses: the sports bet bonus and the casino bonus.

Difference Between Sports Bet Bonus and Casino Bonus

The sports bet bonus is often free bonus cash that only applies to placing bets on sports, so it cannot be used to play any casino games if that site is linked to online casinos. This is not a problem when you are playing at just a sportsbook that doesn’t offer casino games, but it can be a bit miffing if you are playing at one of the many sites that offer both. The same applies to the casino bonus, where it normally applies to just specific casino games, like Pokies, Video Poker, or Blackjack, but cannot be used toward sportsbook bets, and if it can be, it almost always does not apply to the rollover requirements. Both bonuses can be deposit-matching or no-deposit, the information remaining true either way.

Put simply, a casino bonus is free money to play casino games, and a sports bet bonus is free money that can be used to bet on sports.

Advantages of the Sports Bet Bonus

The main advantage of a sportsbook bonus is if you like to place bets on sports. If you think you might like to place bets on sports, but are unsure as to how it works, we have some articles that cover the bases, and gives you some helpful tips and tricks of sports betting. The problem with the sports bet bonus is that when you place the bet, you have to wait for the game to start and end before you are paid out, and in the meantime, you cannot use that free cash to do anything else besides place a bet on a different sporting event, which will also have to start and end before it’s paid out. The biggest advantage of the sports bet bonus, however, is that it (pretty much guaranteed) is going to have lower rollover requirements than the casino bet bonuses, presumably due to the fact that it takes much longer to bet and win in comparison, and the odds of sports are much more unpredictable.

Advantage of the Casino Bet Bonus

You have a lot more betting options with the casino bet bonus, because you can use it to play any of the casino games. If there are stipulations in the terms and conditions about which casino games specifically apply to the bonus, it will still be a larger selection of betting options than a sports bet. You can play all the variations of Pokies, like three-reel, five-reel, and 3D, as well as Video Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, and so on and so forth. These games also pay out pretty much instantly, so you can keep playing and playing with your bonus cash and winnings, and burn through your rollover requirement in a much faster amount of time than you would betting on sports. The only disadvantage is that the rollover requirements can be as high as 50x your total deposit, whereas the sports rollover requirement can be as low as 5x. Often, however, the casino will offer a no-deposit bonus for the casino, wherein you do not need to deposit any real money and just bet with that. You will very rarely find a no-deposit bonus for a sports book.

Which Brings You the Most Wins?

Some may say that the casino game bonuses bring in the most winnings, because the bonuses are generally higher and they pay out a lot faster. However, all online casino play is based on luck, whereas there some knowledge can take you a long way when betting on sports. This means that you could stand to win more playing either one depending on a lucky streak, the bettor’s knowledge and skill, and the innate ability to choose the right bets.

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