TopBetta’s $100,000 Tournament of the Year


The Tournament of the Year is back and TopBetta has made it bigger than ever by guaranteeing a total prize pool of $100,000!

The Derby Day tournament this Saturday the 31st of October will see one lucky punter walk away with at least $60,000 for first place.

There are multiple ways that you can gain entry into the biggest tournament in TopBetta’s history.

Firstly, simply pay the buy in amount of $1,100 and receive direct entry into the competition.


There are also Jackpot tournaments that will be held throughout the week that will have bonus tickets into Saturday’s Tournament of the Year. On Tuesday night there is a $23 buy in racing tournament that has a Jackpot ticket added to the prize pool.

TopBetta allows for mates to form a team and buy in together to allow the cost of the tournament to be split up evenly.

If ten mates were to make a day of it together it would cost them $110 each and it has the chance of turning into a nice payday of $6,000!

The tournaments are simple to play as each entry will receive $10,000 in BettaBucks, which is used by the participant to be on each race throughout the day in an attempt to accumulate the highest amount of BettaBucks by the end of the final race.

Each participant can use different strategies to accumulate by either risking it all on one race or by slowly building their BettaBucks by placing smaller bets throughout the day and taking a safer approach.

At the end of each race the leader board will be updated to show the standings of each participant. This allows for everyone to determine their strategy and what they will have to do to get to the top. It also puts the person in first in a tough situation as to whether they bet again or hold onto their BettaBucks and hope no one pips them at the post.

To learn more about how to play in these types of tournaments click here and check out the video below of a past winner of the Tournament of the Year.

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