All Free Bets SuperCoach League Heating Up!

All Free Bets Fantasy Cup

The All Free Bets SuperCoach League, sponsored by TopBetta, is four rounds in and so we thought we would take a look at the ladder so far and talk about the movers and shakers.

Unfortunately the top spot on the ladder is currently filled by Channel 7’s Friday Night Footy team! This was one of the teams that filled the last couple of spots in the 16-man league when a few prospective teams pulled out at the last-minute.

The Channel 7 team is 4-0 and is only just ahead of All Free Bet entrant ‘Tmans Team SCC’ by percentage. Clearly the Channel 7 team has had an easy run so far with total points of 8,325 scored, while Tmans Team SCC is the highest point scorer in the league with 8,813.

The third spot sees another league filler in FOX FOOTY (pick up your game All Free Bettors!) while the top four is rounded out by HearYoYouMrs. Prior to Round 5 of the AFL season, HearYoYouMrs was in eighth spot but after a big win and a league high single-week score of 2,323 they shot into the top four.

Here is how the top eight currently looks:

All Free Bets Supercoach

Don’t forget that thanks to our friends at TopBetta the eventual champion of the ‘All Free Bets Cup’ will receive a $250 free betting credit! Or, alternatively, if one of the fill-in teams like Channel 7 win, the highest ranking All Free Bet entrant will receive the free betting credit.

There is still plenty of time for anyone to win the league and with players like Gary Ablett and Tom Rockliff struggling on the sidelines, the SuperCoach landscape has really opened up for some creative plays.

For those interested in SuperCoach, we want to tell you about the great-value TopBetta AFL Betting Tournaments.

The concept behind these is simple – each week punters pay an entry fee of anywhere from $2.50 to $55 and this money is placed into a prize pool. Each entrant then receives virtual ‘BettaBucks’ to place bets on each round’s AFL matches. The player who has the most BettaBucks at the end of the round wins the tournament and receives the largest piece of the prize pool, with multiple places paid depending on how many entrants are in the tournament!

Read more about how tournaments work in our TopBetta Review page

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