2013 Multi Bet #9

Another nice win for All Free Bets and anyone who followed our multi bet from last week! We had a couple of small plays on the Origin last night but felt robbed to not get our QLD -5.5 win! Bookies must have made a fortune from QLD line bets thanks to that bloody streaker!! QLD were always going to score on that play – it was 6 vs 3 on the right hand side of the post! However, an Oscar worthy dive from Hoffman allowed obstruction to be ruled and no try was awarded.

Yesterday we were all thinking that bookies might refund line bets or award the win on line bets, then Sportsbet go and refund all H2H bets on NSW because they came close and tried hard. Really? REALLY? And I won’t get started on how Tate won MOM…

Queensland State of Origin

Anyway, we’ll try to put that mess behind us and look forward to the weekend! This is the last round of byes in the NRL before the run home to the finals and this week looks pretty easy to pick winners. It also looks like there are some easy picks in the AFL, but there’s not a great deal of value on offer in most games we would bet on.

That being said, we’ve come up with a 5 leg multi that features 2 games with great value!

Just like last week, we won’t be playing any margins. Here it is:

  1. Warriors to beat the Tigers $1.59
    If you got on this bet early in the week you could’ve got odds as good as $1.70. The Warriors have been in great form and should win comfortably, but Benji will be playing with no pressure for the rest of the season and if he can find form, the Tigers will have some good wins. 
  2. Collingwood to beat the Gold Coast $1.19
    The Pies have been in very good form and Dayne Beams was very good in his first match of the season last week. We are expecting a 10 goal win to the Pies and don’t expect the Suns to ever really be in the game.
  3. Brisbane Lions to beat the Melbourne Demons $1.19
    The Lions have been playing some excellent football in recent weeks and will have a big win over the Demons who are still struggling to be competitive.
  4. Fremantle to beat Richmond $2.07
    We can’t believe that Richmond are starting this game as favourites!! They haven’t beaten any of the teams above them on the ladder this year, they lost to North Melbourne 2 weeks ago, and they were sloppy against the Suns last week. Freo are without Pavlich (suspension), but they’ve been without him for most of the year. Fremantle WILL win this game!
  5. Geelong to beat Adelaide $1.20
    Adelaide have been playing pretty well, but Geelong are in red-hot form and will roll on with another win. Steve Johnson is out (suspended AGAIN!) but they have plenty of stars who can step up and play a big game.

Total odds are $5.59 and we will be putting $400 on this bet for a payout of $2.237.

If you want to add a few more legs to the multi, try Raiders ($1.10), Sydney Swans ($1.47), Manly ($1.13) and Souths (1.14). We think all of these games will get up and this will bump the odds to $11.64.

Let us know your thoughts and any other bets you like for the week!

Best of luck!

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