$250,000 Guaranteed TopBetta Tournament this Saturday


Topbetta is hosting one of its biggest tournaments ever this Saturday as The Championship Tournament starts with a massive $250,000 prize pool guaranteed.

The winner of The Championship Tournament will be picking up at least $100,000 with the first place guaranteed.

The tournament is a two-day event that will begin this Saturday the 2nd of April and the second day will take place the following week on the 9th of April.

The buy-in to the tournament is $1,100 and TopBetta is allowing participants to form a syndicate with their friends to join their money together to enter as a team.

If ten mates were to buy-in to the tournament together, it would cost $110 each and they would have the possibility of splitting $10,000 each!

Each competitor will be credited with $10,000 BettaBucks on each Saturday of the tournament and this amount will be used to place bets on each race throughout the two days as you try to increase your BettaBucks bankroll to finish with the highest amount possible.

To be eligible for a cash prize, you must turn over the $10,000 BettaBucks amount at least once on each day of the tournament.

If you bust and run out of BettaBucks, you have the opportunity to rebuy three times on the first day of the tournament whilst you can rebuy two more times on the second day.

The Championship Tournament is based on just Sydney and Melbourne races and you will only be able to bet on these two racing venues in the tournament.

When taking part in the tournament, there are multiple different strategies that can be used by competitors.

As the buy-in amount is above average for this tournament, punters could be taking a safer approach to this tournament buy betting smaller amounts on safer bets.

However, it could be a great idea to take a couple of risks early on and put yourself in a great position for the remainder of the tournament and take advantage of the opportunity to rebuy.

To allow for participants to adjust their strategy throughout the tournament, a live leader board is on display for competitors to view and it shows the placing of each person and also their BettaBucks amount.

This adds to the excitement as the person in first place will need to decide whether to continue to bet or whether they will hope they remain in the lead without any risk whilst the participants behind them will continue to bet in order to move up the rankings.

There is a little over 100 entrants in the The Championship Tournament and there is the possibility of having a lot of overlay giving extra value to each participant.

To enter The Championship Tournament, sign up with TopBetta and you could win a life-changing amount and be $100,000 richer!

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