Premier League

2017-18 EPL Multi Week 24

After a bit of a disappointing week last weekend, we are back with another EPL multi of the round for Week 24 of the 2017-18 season here

2017-18 EPL Multi Week 19

After a few weeks off for rest, recuperation and analysis, we are back with another multi of the round for Week 19 of the English Premier League here

2016-17 EPL Multi Week 6

The 2016-17 EPL season enters week 6 this weekend and we have our betting multi available below. Last week we narrowly missed out on a $500 payday with Manchester United Read More

2015-16 EPL Week 30 Betting Multi

Last week our multi fell on the last leg for the second consecutive week with Manchester United failing to secure a victory over opponents West Brom. We take a look Read More

EPL Week 25 Multi of the Week

Our multi was just one correct leg away from us earning $1,167 as Chelsea was unable to find a winner against Watford and they settled for a 0-0 draw. We Read More

EPL Week 24 Multi of the Week

After getting off to a great start with our multi last week, we were unable to correctly pick the last two games as Manchester City drew with West Ham whilst Read More

EPL Week 16 Multi of the Week

This week we will be taking advantage of some big favourites and combine them with good value to produce a quality multi. To start our multi off this week we Read More

EPL Week 6 Multi of the Week

For the second time in five weeks we were unlucky to miss out on receiving a massive payday as our multi of the week lost just one leg. Our prediction Read More

EPL Week 3 Multi of the Week

We were unfortunate last week not to have a big pay day with our first three legs of our English Premier League multi winning but it was our last leg Read More

EPL Week 2 Multi of the Week

The English Premier League season began last week and throughout the entire season All Free Bets will be producing a weekly “multi of the week”. This week we will start Read More